On arrivals in the neighbouring town of Hong Kong, the Government of Macau has shortened the quarantine time to 14 days, from 21 to Saturday (March 20). The Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre, Macau’s Cov-19 workforce, revealed it in a press release on Friday.

Due to the increase of Covid-19 cases in the same region, Macau extended the quarantine period in December to 21 days upon arrival from Hong Kong. Eight new infections, including four local communications incidents, were registered by Hong Kong on Sunday, the most common since 6 March, according to the health authorities of the region.

Health management period 

The most recent estimates have taken 11 379, with a total of 203 deaths, of Covid-19 infections in Hong Kong. According to the new regulations, people who are not outside Hong Kong, are expected to undergo 14 days’ quarantine inside a specified hotel in Macau, followed by a period of “self-health control” for seven days within fourteen days of their anticipated arrival to Macau 122Joker.

People from Hong Kong to Macau also need certificates to show their freedom from Covid 19 contamination and to be subjected to further nucleic acid testing during quarantine in town. In recent reports, two independent brokerages indicated that Macau’s rebound in gross gaming revenue is expected to rise in the second half of 2012. The institutions said that potential catalysts would definitely ease travel restrictions between Hong Kong and Macao.

Continent At present, China is the only location with a travel bubble with Macao that is largely quarantined.

Need for Passengers

In April just 11,041, the last month revealed to the Macao Statistics and Census Office, travellers reached Macao. The casino centre averaged over 3 million tourist arrivals a month before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Macau’s five-star hotels have only recorded occupancy of 6,6 per cent, mostly in the enclave integrated resort casinos of the central peninsula and Cotai Strip. The same rooms had 92.5 per cent occupied.

Last week, Hong Kong has announced the extension to at least 7 July of its mandatory 14-day quarantine. Lui Che Woo said this is when Macau can lift its own quarantine mandate and allow traffic between the SARs to continue.

Lui said that “within a year” Macau should relax its controls on border entry to attract substantial incoming tourists to an estimated $15.4 billion in financing. Galaxy has Galaxy Macao, Broadway Macao, and StarWorld Hotel owned and operated.


The decision of Macao in March to close its borders allowed the SAR to effectively eliminate coronavirus. The epidemic spreads quickly throughout the continent and gradually across the globe. Just 45 COVID-19 cases and zero deaths have been recorded. In more than two months, Macau has not registered a positive coronavirus case. Hong Kong has 1,108 outbreaks of coronavirus, four fatalities.

On 29 May, after 13 positive COVID-19 tests in the area were performed, Hong Kong took its decision to prolong its mandatory quarantine, and the medical authorities expressed concern with the potentiality of the super-extending condition.

Macau Eases Inbound HK Quarantine Laws

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